Standard Vacuum Pump Services

Established in 1991, Standard Vacuum Pump Services is a full-service vacuum pump remanufacturer operating in New York. Standard Vacuum’s capabilities include but are not limited to rotary vane, rotary piston, mechanical booster, diffusion, cryo and turbo pumps. We are dedicated to meeting the routine and special requirements of our customers. We listen carefully to our customers’ needs and pledge to help them become a market leader with our high-quality vacuum pump repairs, maintenance, and products.

Stoke 212

Vacuum Pump Repairs & Rebuilding

Standard Vacuum repairs all makes and models of vacuum pumps and boosters with a warranty.


Remanufactured Pumps

Standard Vacuum Pump Service keeps stock and sells fully remanufactured vacuum pumps for much less than the cost of a brand-new pump. Like pump rebuilding, remanufactured units come with a warranty.


Vacuum Equipment and Fluids

Standard Vacuum sells all types of vacuum equipment such as filter assemblies and elements, traps, vacuum hoses and fluids.

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Preventative Maintenance

Standard Vacuum can help extend the life of your pumps through preventative maintenance at your facility.