Products and Services

Standard Vacuum offers several different vacuum pump repair services to help you reduce downtime and get back up and running as quickly as possible.
If there is anything you need that is not listed here, let us know and we’d be happy to accommodate you.

Vacuum Pump Repair Service

SVPS provides expert rebuilding, reconditioning and repair – at our facility or yours.

Preventative Vacuum Pump Maintenance

SVPS can come to your facility to help extend the life of your pumps between repairs. Preventative vacuum pump maintenance can include, but is not limited to, monitoring oil and oil changes, filter changes, disposal of oil and filters, seal replacements, V belt replacements, and isolating the pump to test vacuum levels. Preventative maintenance can help you see an overall reduction in the cost for your vacuum pump upkeep.

Preventative maintenance can help you see an overall reduction of cost for your vacuum pump upkeep.

Remanufactured and New Units

SVPS has a variety of remanufactured vacuum pumps in our inventory. SVPS offers fully reconditioned and fully guaranteed units.

Advanced Replacement

Using SVPS’ robust inventory, a remanufactured pump can be sent to you in exchange for your pump. After evaluating your pump, a credit is issued on the price of the pump sent out to you.

Loaner Pumps

To reduce your down time, SVPS can loan you a pump while we service your pump for an additional fee. SVPS will ensure the loaner pump is of similar CFM, size, intake and exhaust connections as well as the same voltage. Full buy out is also available if you decide on keeping the pump.

Rush Service

For an additional fee, SVPS can rush in parts for your repair and put priority on your pump. Rush service will cut the lead time and reduce your down time.

Pump Components & Accessories

SVPS offers kits as well as parts, Oils, Filters, Traps and Accessories. We can offer all types of oils, filters, traps and pump accessories that you may need. Check out our parts and OEM page to learn more.


Standard Vacuum can set up pickup and delivery of your pump. Whether that is through freight, ground shipping or our own vehicle.